ALTITUDE A6 | height-adjustable desk

  • Move through your workday

    The Altitude height-adjustable table effortlessly raises and lowers so you can easily change your posture. Increase movement, comfort and satisfaction for improved productivity and wellness throughout the workday. Available in 2-stage or 3-stage legs for flexibility in maximum height extension.

    Raise your expectations

    Simple, intuitive controls make it easy to instantly raise or lower your desk.

    Keep it clean and safe

    An easy-to-sanitize, durable laminate top and industrial-grade steel frame help create a stable and enduring worktable.

    Get moving

    Altitude makes movement a natural part of your day, increasing comfort, productivity and wellness.

      • Supports sitting to standing postures
      • Simple intuitive controls
      • Option to integrate storage, power or monitor arms
      • Easy to clean, durable laminate
      • Industrial-grade steel frame for stability combined with a solid desktop